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Thank you, engineers, for your inventions and designs that make our lives happier and healthier! Happy Engineers Week! #eweek2015
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Celebrated #eweek2015 w/ 7th graders who built towers of cups & tape while some team members were blindfolded & others furnished...
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The Great Pyramid at Giza is an engineering marvel. Built between 2589 and 2504 BC, it is the oldest of the 7 Wonders & the only one that...
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The Ferris Wheel, designed by George Ferris in 1893, is considered an engineering wonder. Happy Engineers Week! #eweek2015
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Did you know a woman named Emily Roebling supervised construction of the Brooklyn Bridge? When her husband became ill in 1872, Emily took...

People Helping People Build Sustainable Communities and Careers

Technically, McKim & Creed provides engineering, geomatics (surveying/mapping), and sustainable design services. But we see our work a little differently.

We are a community of people helping people make life a little better. We help our clients provide clean water, create safe communities, and maintain sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Innovative technologies like mobile lidar, ground-based lidar, and subsurface utility engineering allow us to collect data quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Experience and expertise in reclaimed water, wastewater treatment, stormwater, open-source instrumentation and control, and water treatment help us preserve and conserve the earth’s finite water resources. And a focus on sustainability protects and enhances valuable environmental resources.

Our award-winning professionals are people helping people build sustainable communities and careers.

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Students Learn Communication Skills During Engineering Week Activity

Seventh graders at Williston Middle School of Math, Science & Technology in Wilmington, N.C. learned the importance of communication this week as they built towers out of plastic cups and tape .....
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Grand Awards Presented for Surveying and University Projects

McKim & Creed, The New York District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Fayetteville State University have received Grand Engineering Excellence Awards from the American Council of Engineering .....
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Atlanta Office Moving Nov. 8

Our Atlanta office is moving to new office space. Effective November 8, 2014, our address will be 365 Northridge Road, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30350. Our phone (678.990.2468) fax numbers .....
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