McKim & Creed is committed to business practices, operations, and projects that protect people and the photos_REV.jpg

It is everyone's obligation and responsibility to prevent accidents, and all personnel:

  • are expected to conduct business in a manner that actively integrates the elements of the McKim & Creed Health and Safety Program into applicable aspects of our operations,

  • are requested to point out potential hazards, and

  • are expected to do everything reasonable to prevent potential accidents/injuries.

In addition, each manager/supervisor has the responsibility, through personal example, to create a climate in which everyone shares a concern for his or her own safety and the safety of fellow workers.

McKim & Creed is committed to compliance with all client health, safety, and environmental requirements, as well as to all applicable regulations. We have established procedures that provide direction on health and safety matters to all employees. These procedures are periodically evaluated in light of current case law, new regulations, and emerging industry practices.

We are continuously improving our outstanding record, and one of our goals is to consistently outperform our peers as well as the industry standard. Our proactive safety initiatives form the foundation for our success, and we continue to see significant improvements in health and safety performance as we develop a safety culture approach across our operations.

In addition to specific actions taken to address identified root causes of incidents, to advance our safety culture we are working constantly to greatly enhance our overall awareness and emphasis on safety as our number one priority. McKim & Creed plans safety into work practices instead of reacting to incidents, and develops appropriate consequences and incentives to reach our goal of zero incidents. Out of this effort has come a comprehensive program that includes early identification and elimination or reduction of hazards/risks and improving human performance.

As we continue to build McKim & Creed’s culture of safety and awareness, implement and improve proactive procedures and policies, increase training opportunities, and improve accountability, we strive to achieve our overarching goal of ZERO incidents. To this end, safety takes precedence over expediency.