McKim & Creed's engineers, surveyors and planners strive to provide the most responsive, dependable service all the time.

energy market


We help energy providers convert facilities to cleaner, more efficient energy sources; share resources through a smart grid; and develop infrastructure for a safe, sustainable future.
Land Development market

Planning and Land Development

LEED®-accredited professionals and landscape architects, complemented by a staff of surveyors and engineers, offer effective and sustainable solutions for your land planning, permitting, development, and management needs.
transportation market


McKim & Creed provides the surveying and structural engineering services necessary to build, improve, expand and transform America's highways, byways and waterways.
water market


McKim & Creed plans and designs systems that treat, preserve and conserve the earth's finite water resources.
Health Care market

Health Care Facilities

McKim & Creed's professionals understand the mission-critical sensitivity of health care organizations, and provide engineering and planning services to create innovative, cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient facilities.
Schools Market

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Educational facilities should provide safe, stimulating and sustainable environments for learning. McKim & Creed's engineers, landscape architects, planners and LEED® accredited professionals provide the technical services necessary to create innovative, effective institutions of learning for all students.