Surveying at the Speed of Innovation™

Because of its safety, quality, accuracy and efficiency, mobile scanning technology has revolutionized the way accurate pavement data is captured in the field for design purposes.

MoDaC Mobile Data Collection® is McKim & Creed's state-of-the-art mobile LiDAR system, and makes McKim & Creed one of the few firms in the United States to offer turnkey mobile scanning services.

Mobile scanning combines 3-D laser scanning, GPS, inertial measurement and video technologies. Multiple scanners are mounted on an SUV, a rail truck or a survey vessel. These scanners collect dense and accurate 360-degree data-up to 400,000 points per second - while the vehicle travels at posted speeds. The data is used for design, modeling and simulation in 2-D, 3-D and 4-D formats.

How does mobile LiDAR compare with traditional surveying methodologies? Our experience shows that:

  • A 10-mile survey that takes two months to survey traditionally can be mobile-scanned in one day.
  • A survey in CAD format can be completed in about half the time, using mobile scanning.
  • The cost of mobile scanning can be significantly lower than traditional highway surveys.

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From data collection... point cloud... CAD deliverable