overview page.jpgUtility management includes two primary components: people and infrastructure. McKim & Creed’s utility management program offers a holistic approach to resource optimization that addresses both of these elements.

In McKim & Creed’s utility management program, “people side of utility management” is referred to as “resource management.” This includes in-depth self-assessment, effective business and succession planning, and personalized leadership training that enable utilities to leverage staff power, retain knowledge and enhance customer service.

The “physical side of resource management” is called “infrastructure management.” This focus on infrastructure helps utilities plan, budget and execute activities and programs that keep physical assets safe, functional and reliable.

McKim & Creed’s utility management services are led by a former utility director who understands that utility leaders are stretched thin in terms of resources and budgets. Our utility management specialists help you maximize both your people resources and your infrastructure resources, and give you the tools you need to continuously improve your utility and serve the needs of your community for generations to come.