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Building Systems – Sustainability and Energy Optimization

Building systems use 40% of our energy in the United States and 70% of our electricity. And as technologies advance, so do opportunities to integrate sustainable energy solutions into new and existing infrastructure.

McKim & Creed works with our clients to design energy-efficient facilities and explore creative ways to decrease energy usage in existing facilities. We implement high-value/low-risk sustainable energy solutions that result in substantial and tangible savings for our clients. We interpret energy and building data quickly and offer state-of-the-art designs that help energy providers convert facilities to cleaner, more efficient fossil fuels; harness the power of renewable sources; share resources and communicate through a smart grid; and develop infrastructure that leads to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future. We also understand that successfully meeting your environmental, energy and financial goals requires facilities that operate efficiently. Our team provides solutions spanning from concept through end of life, and from the utility plant to the end-use facility. We understand that simple paybacks are often measured in months, not years, and we customize our solutions to meet your specific needs.

McKim & Creed offers flexibility in delivering these solutions to our clients through design, retro-commissioning, and commissioning services.