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Daytona International Speedway Mobile Scan

Mobile LiDAR

Because of its safety, quality, accuracy and efficiency, mobile lidar technology has revolutionized the way accurate pavement data is captured in the field for design purposes.

MoDaC Mobile Data Collection® is McKim & Creed’s trademarked mobile lidar system. Our scanners combine 3D laser scanning, GPS, inertial measurement and video technologies and can be mounted on a van, rail truck, four-wheeler or survey vessel. Our lidar professionals can collect accurate 360-degree data at 2 million points per second while safely traveling at posted speeds. With fewer personnel working beside busy roadways, mobile scanning creates a safer job site. The likelihood of bad-weather delays is reduced due to shortened data collection time. Because the data is collected from a moving vehicle, mobile scanning does not impede traffic flow. And the dense data that is collected lends itself to future data extraction without additional field visits.