Third, Fourth & Fifth Graders Create Land Plans in STEM Summer Camp

McKim & Creed recently introduced third, fourth and fifth graders to the concepts of civil and site engineering at a Triangle, North Carolina-based STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) summer camp.

“Engineering Habits of Mind” is a free, week-long camp for students who are interested in engineering, math and science. It is sponsored by Wake County Public Schools and Hilburn Drive Academy in Raleigh, and was held June 16-26. Approximately 26 students, ages 8 through 11, participated.

During the week, students engaged in various engineering-related activities, one of which was led by McKim & Creed business unit leader Grant Livengood, PE. Livengood introduced the students to the components associated with civil engineering and land planning.

To illustrate his points, Livengood had the students plan a 14-acre parcel for development. Divided into groups of five, the students created a site plan for their tract, concentrating on access, building placement, stormwater and landscaping. The development could include any business of the students’ choosing. Most selected either a McDonald’s or a Toys R Us, according to Livengood.

“I was amazed and overwhelmingly impressed by the plans they produced in just 20 minutes,” he said. Erik Schettig, M.Ed., who oversees career and technical education at Hilburn Academy, called the activity “incredibly supportive of our engineering habits of mind.”

In April, McKim & Creed senior vice president Tim Baldwin, PE, participated in a panel discussion titled “Making the Connection between STEM Industry and the Classroom” at the North Carolina Science Summit sponsored by the North Carolina State University Institute for Emerging Issues. “The discussions and collaborative activities were designed to stimulate ideas that offer innovative solutions and concrete action to meet North Carolina’s future science and technology needs,” said Baldwin.