An image of a road with stormwater infrastructure inspections taking place.
An image of an employee making assessments while conducting a stormwater infrastructure inspection for the City of Tampa
An image employees making assessments while conducting a stormwater infrastructure inspection for the City of Tampa

City of Tampa Comprehensive Stormwater Infrastructure Inspection

McKim & Creed assisted with the City of Tampa’s comprehensive infrastructure project which focuses on water, wastewater, stormwater, and transportation improvements in multiple neighborhoods within Tampa’s city limits.

This ongoing project incorporates sustainability and resiliency features throughout the Tampa neighborhoods of East Tampa, Forest Hills, Macfarlane Park, and Virginia Park. McKim & Creed provided field inspection services for the stormwater infrastructure associated with the project, which included inspecting nearly 1,300 stormwater structures, including culverts, discharge points, manholes, and inlets. The work was performed using the CleverScan inspection system by EnviroSight, generating more than 500 rehabilitation recommendations.

Before any closed-circuit television inspection (CCTV), more than 80,000 feet of stormwater pipe — mostly reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) — were cleaned using a VacTruck capable of delivering a minimum of 12 gallons per minute at 3,000 psi. Nearly 20 cubic yards of debris were extracted from the pipe at the downstream manhole and disposed of at an authorized disposal location. The pipe inspections yielded nearly 150 rehabilitation recommendations including point repairs and lining the pipes.

To perform the CCTV inspection of the pipes, our team adhered to the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) – Pipe Assessment Certification Program (PACP) protocol.  McKim & Creed used a CUES high-resolution digital camera with panning capabilities, designed for detailed condition assessment of sanitary and stormwater pipes.

Project Details

Client City of Tampa
Location Tampa, Fla.
Categories Wet Weather Program