solar farm
solar farm

Renewable Energy Turnkey Design, Engineering Services, and Collaboration for Sustainability Leaders

McKim & Creed takes a comprehensive approach for your project. We provide feasibility analysis, preliminary engineering, detailed engineering, support for development, and full program management for renewable energy projects encompassing solar PV, cogeneration, energy storage, microgrids, and medium-voltage (MV).

We strive to understand the nuances and characteristics of each project. We offer topographical and civil analysis, boundary surveys, aerial LiDAR, drone analysis, structural analysis, feasibility analysis and recommendations, energy yield assessments, energy storage sizing and modeling, performance and capacity testing and modeling, sealed IFP and IFC sets, QA inspections before and after construction, and O&M services. Our energy “line-card” outlines further our spectrum of engineering services.

Engage with us for a collaborative experience from feasibility analysis to full design and engineering.

Analysis and Modeling

Using the latest analysis technique and simulation software, we can model the feasibility of any renewable energy project and optimize for energy production, load reduction, cost-savings, demand reduction, resiliency, or any combination.

Energy Generation

Photovoltaics form the backbone of our renewable energy systems. From commercial systems to utility-scale, we provide turnkey engineering services from civil, mechanical, structural, to electrical. Studies can include load flow analysis, short circuit current, arc flash, to more complex predictive or post energization harmonic analyses.

Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage is more viable than ever with numerous options from lithium to flow batteries. We partner with leading ESS providers to provide ac coupled solutions for existing (or new) PV systems; similarly, the merits and efficiencies of dc coupled systems can be explored where needed or appropriate. We work with you to understand use cases from resiliency, to energy offset, to demand reduction, to reactive power control, and others. Ensuring safety and compliancy are particularly important for ESS. All systems are engineered with full compliance and with long term considerations.

Microgrids and Resiliency

For integrated solutions, microgrids can be the bridge that combines energy generation with demand, efficiency, and management. We analyze, design, and integrate to balance components with contemporary and secure microgrid controllers.