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Central Utility Plants / Medium-Voltage Distribution Systems

Central plants and medium-voltage distribution systems provide the backbone of energy distribution for healthcare, educational and industrial facilities. These systems must be planned with redundancy and resiliency in mind so critical operations can be maintained at all times.

For more than 40 years, McKim & Creed has helped our clients implement safe, reliable and functional solutions for their CUP and distribution system needs. We have engineered solutions for thousands of chilled water, steam and hot water systems, and developed options to apply technologies such as combined heat and power (CHP), heat recovery or absorption chillers, thermal storage, energy optimization controls software, waterside economizer, boiler stack economizers, and blow-down energy recovery.

Our medium-voltage experience includes deliveries up to 160,000 kVA and 34,500 volts. With our experience inspecting ductbanks, manholes and the associated systems, we help ensure proper installation. We review manufacturer’s cable test reports, inspect the cable delivery and storage and review cable-pulling procedures and setups with the contractor. And we test the systems to make sure that termination and testing procedures are being followed.

McKim & Creed’s overarching goal is to minimize risk and keep our client’s critical infrastructure operating effectively and safely at all times.