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leak detection services in district metered areas
leak detection services

Water loss recovery & water asset management

Water asset management is foundational to the stewardship of water, the most valuable resource on the planet. The information provided by our systems not only enables utilities to make informed decisions on infrastructure integrity, but directly addresses the $2.6-billion issue of water loss in the US.

McKim & Creed deploys physical and technical resources to generate meaningful data that provides visibility and transparency to underground assets, predicts and prevents events in real time, and reduces the risks of aging infrastructure. This service of “bringing the infrastructure to life” produces measurable benefits in system operational and development decisions and, when coupled with our leak detection services, has an often-dramatic effect in reducing leak run times. Sustainability and stewardship are no longer optional. They are the centerpiece to resolving the major issues facing our clients and leaving the world better than we found it.