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water asset management
water asset management

Water loss recovery & water asset management

In America alone, over 6 billion gallons of water are lost each day due to apparent and real loss issues, says the Urban Land Institute in its “Infrastructure 2010 Investment Imperative.” That’s a shocking amount of waste, especially for a resource no one can live without. Water leaks typically occur underground and, therefore, are not always obvious. In fact, our own leak detection investigations conducted over the past five years indicate that 90% of leaks are not evident without a proactive leak detection system or program.

So how do utilities reduce wasted water and conserve resources? They rely on systems like McKim & Creed’s data-driven solution (DDS) program.

DDS delivers real-time intelligence generated from the analytics of pressure and flow data continuously gathered from throughout utility infrastructure. The knowledge obtained from the data helps predict and prevent events, thus, reducing the risks associated with aging infrastructure. The deployment of physical and technical resources provide transparency to underground assets. It is the linchpin to an effective water loss recovery and asset management program.

Our DDS program is a subscription-based service so there is no capital outlay required to initiate the program, and no maintenance or service burden is placed upon the utility. It features powerful day-to-day data collection, regular data analysis and on-the-ground follow-up services to reduce overall water system loss and provide a reliable foundation for operational and sustainable decision making. Services include setting up district metering areas (DMAs) in strategic locations; providing cutting-edge technologies, products and equipment; collecting and analyzing data on a regular basis; and implementing infrastructure repairs and replacements as needed.

As an Esri-certified partner, McKim & Creed can leverage GIS tools to provide visibility and clarity to your data, which helps you manage assets efficiently and effectively. Data mined from our DDS program has also proven to be a valuable component of the “Smart Utility” transition.