UAS/drone surveys

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS)—commonly known as drones—allow safe, accurate, cost-effective data collection in areas that are inaccessible to conventional surveying methods. When compared with manned flights, UAS is less limited by project size, more cost-effective, and less affected by weather conditions, yet achieves the same 5-cm data accuracy.

McKim & Creed was one of the first engineering firms in the U.S. to receive a Section 333 Exemption/Universal Certificate of Authorization (COA) from FAA. Our 40+ FAA Part 107-certified pilots have completed thousands of flights for construction and mapping missions and have logged hundreds of hours of flight time. Our UAS data collection services are backed by market-leading processing and extraction technologies. These technologies allow for accurate data post-processing and calibration, effective classification and/or feature extraction, and deliverables in almost any format.