SUE and utility coordination
utility coordination

Utility coordination

When new projects are in the works, it is very common to discover existing utilities that conflict with the design. These utilities can include telecom, fiber optics, gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, oil/petroleum pipeline, and overhead and underground electric facilities. It is the job of the utility coordinator to schedule necessary relocations of these utilities and to sequence construction to mitigate conflicts. Typically, utility relocations are installed in new rights of way or easement acquisitions.

McKim & Creed’s utility coordinators identify and resolve conflicts with each utility company; plan alignment relocation for each utility to include adequate spacing inside and near the right-of-way line; review the constructability of the proposed location and alignment to clear future construction work by other utility companies or the contractor; inspect and verify the location, alignment and elevation of the installation work; maintain utility as-builts for each utility company; and review billing requests for reimbursements.