The Earth contains the same amount of water today that it did 65 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

But we expect more from our water than the dinosaurs did. We expect it to be available to billions of people. We expect it to be clean, safe and accessible. And we expect it to be sustainable.

McKim & Creed plans and designs systems that treat, preserve and conserve the earth’s finite water resources. Systems that include water treatment facilities that prevent water loss, meet stringent regulations and improve drinking water quality. Open-source I&C/SCADA systems and hydraulic models that help communities leverage their infrastructure. Water reuse systems that conserve potable water. Stormwater programs that manage entire watersheds. Wastewater treatment plants that produce safe, clean effluent. And survey data for floodplain mapping, surge models, sea level rise studies and pre- and post-storm surveys.

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