Buried Infrastructure Renewal & Replacement

Addressing Aging Infrastructure Issues

McKim & Creed’s renewal and replacement (R&R) specialists can help you address your aging infrastructure issues.

It has been estimated that a water main breaks every two minutes in the United States. The reality is that our water and wastewater systems are suffering from aging infrastructure that is in significant disrepair and is in need of immediate rehabilitation or replacement.

McKim & Creed’s renewal and replacement (R&R) specialists can help you address your buried and aging infrastructure issues and develop affordable solutions that can restore structural integrity, reduce I/I situations, and reinstate system efficiency, effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

For assessing wastewater or stormwater gravity piping and structures, McKim & Creed’s closed circuit TV (CCTV) inspection systems makes it possible to look inside your collection systems and evaluate the relative condition and severity of deterioration in your system. It also provides a full, 360-degree interior view of your aging infrastructure. And because the technology provides the best imagery at higher production rates, your dollars can be spent fixing your aging infrastructure issues, rather than simply studying the problem.

The unique flat tile format allows R&R specialists to analyze the results of the aging infrastructure inspections in about half the time of traditional CCTV review methods. Initial defect observations can be tracked and monitored to help provide a clearer picture when performing failure risk analysis. This saves money, as repairs are performed only where needed, as needed, instead of utilizing an R&R approach based on a “what if” scenario.

For assessing water piping and wastewater force mains, our R&R team can complete leak detections, structural assessments and corrosion analysis even if the piping is not active. If rehabilitative actions are determined to be necessary, McKim & Creed has the in-house technical expertise to successfully perform the required renewal and/or replacement using a variety of project delivery systems, while our trenchless design specialists can help make the rehabilitative effort less invasive and disruptive.

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