Sustainable Energy Solutions

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Design with an Eye Toward the Future

In terms of total megawatts installed, McKim & Creed has developed approximately 7% of the solar energy generation in North Carolina and Florida combined.

As technologies advance, so do opportunities to integrate sustainable energy solutions into new and existing infrastructure. McKim & Creed’s engineers solve the complex issues associated with renewable and sustainable energy design, and help create award-winning, efficient sustainable energy solutions for a variety of project types, ranging from universities and medical facilities to business campuses and manufacturers.

McKim & Creed’s engineers implement high-value/low-risk sustainable energy solutions that result in substantial and tangible savings for our clients. We interpret energy and building data quickly, which leads to faster identification of performance problems and results in faster resolution of issues. And we offer state-of-the-art engineering, surveying and planning services that help energy providers convert facilities to cleaner, more efficient fossil fuels; harness the power of renewable sources like wind, solar and bio-mass; share resources and communicate through a smart grid; and develop infrastructure that leads to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.

McKim & Creed is committed to innovation, sustainability and resource efficiencies that are integral parts of the energy industry, and we work closely with our clients to develop cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions for all your energy needs.

We understand that successfully meeting your environmental, energy and financial goals involves not only well-designed and well-built facilities; those building must also operate well.  Our team provides solutions spanning from concept through end of life, and from the utility plant to the end-use facility. Our solutions are customized for your facility, and we understand that simple paybacks are often measured in months, not years.

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