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WaterHub at Emory

(Photo courtesy of Sustainable Water)

Located only 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Emory University has witnessed the perfect storm of water-related challenges. In response, the university began to deploy somewhat conventional water conservation tactics ranging from low-flow fixtures to stormwater reuse systems. However, the magnitude of the stresses and challenges dictated a more strategic and impactful water management solution: campus-wide water reclamation and reuse.

The WaterHub at Emory–the first system of its kind in North America– mines wastewater from the campus sewer system and repurposes it for beneficial reuse using an engineered blend of technology and nature. In its first month of operation, the facility reclaimed 6.2 million gallons of water, and is expected to save millions of dollars in water and wastewater utility costs for the university over a 20-year period.

The WaterHub at Emory is featured in the January 2016 edition of Civil Engineer magazine. Click here for the full article.