Eberle Award

Electrical EI Wins Eberle Vision Award

Matthew Johnson, an electrical engineer intern in our Charlotte office, has won McKim & Creed’s 2019 Kevin C. Eberle Vision Award. The award was presented to Matthew on January 31, 2020 by Sam Nguyen, regional manager, and Matthew Daves, business unit leader.

About the Kevin C. Eberle Vision Award

The award was created as a tribute to McKim & Creed Project Manager Kevin C. Eberle, whose unrelenting willingness to help others personified our company vision of “people helping people.” After his untimely death in 2012, McKim & Creed created the Kevin C. Eberle Vision Award to recognize employees who truly exemplify a spirit of service and sacrifice for the benefit and advancement of others. It is awarded annually to an employee who has demonstrated extraordinary efforts to help others achieve their goals and dreams over the last year or more, demonstrating the spirit of “people helping people.” Winners are nominated by one or more of their coworkers.

Coworker Comments

“Matthew IS people helping people,” said one of Matt’s coworkers in reference to McKim & Creed’s mission as an employee-owned engineering and surveying firm of people helping people solve complex, demanding infrastructure challenges.

“Matthew Johnson is a very intelligent and dedicated young man who has selflessly taken on the responsibilities of assisting everyone in the Charlotte office whenever they might have a problem or issue with their computer,” said another coworker.

Here are comments from other coworkers about Matt’s personification of “people helping people.”

  • He is the first person anyone in the office goes to when they have a computer issue and he is always ready to do whatever is necessary to help, even though this isn’t his job.
  • He goes above and beyond his job responsibilities in helping others.
  • We have a wonderful IT department and they are very responsive in resolving help ticket issues; however, Matt is here at our office and can jump right in to help with troubleshooting any problems related to our office equipment.
  • When you walk up to his desk he helps without delay.
  • Matthew has taken on the duties of cooking at our Charlotte office monthly cookout, which has greatly benefited those who choose to participate.
  • When I have asked him, he has dropped what he was doing and immediately assisted me and solved problems I was experiencing with my computer.
  • Matthew is a considerable asset to McKim & Creed with his electrical design and computer experience.
  • He gets things in high places down, he helps take things out to the dumpster (that are too heavy for our custodial lady), he cooks for us at our monthly office cookouts. This award actually should go to his mother as it is obvious she raised him right.
  • I cannot think of a more deserving person to receive this award.

Congratulations to Matt on being selected by his coworkers as McKim & Creed’s 2019 Kevin C. Eberle Vision Award winner.