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Engineering, Inc.: How Technology Continues to Advance the Practice of Engineering

Tech Cont To Advance Eng - - Eng Inc - 07-16The July 2016 edition of ACEC’s Engineering, Inc. magazine features a guest column by Glen Mangold and Charles Kopplin on how technological advances impact the art and science of engineering. Unmanned aerial systems, also known as drones, are among the technologies included in the article.

The article includes a quotation by Christian Stallings, CP, research development manager with McKim & Creed, about implementing UAS technology. “Although there is a lot of excitement about the use of drones, people need to understand what it takes to implement their use,” says Christian. The article goes on to say that “it can take up to six months to become fully compliant and cost more than $40,000 over the first year to use technology that is still evolving. Because of this, subcontracting of drone services might be more cost-effective.