Hydraulic Modeling, Programming, Marketing, Construction Expertise in Tampa Bay Area

McKim & Creed is pleased to announce that professionals with experience in the fields of hydraulic modeling, programming, marketing and construction have recently joined our Clearwater and Sarasota offices.

Michael Jankowski, PE and Chris White come to McKim & Creed’s Clearwater office as a senior project engineer and instrumentation & control programmer, respectively. Michael specializes in hydraulic modeling and utility engineering, and has designed and managed wastewater, water and reclaimed water projects for municipalities throughout Florida.

Chris brings more than 30 years’ experience in all facets of automation and controls, including water, wastewater and reclaimed water. He is involved with automation and controls integration, development and programming from initial project inception through implementation.

In Sarasota, new staff members include Letisia Cruz, marketing specialist, and Brad Wheless, senior construction administrator. Letisia has 10 years’ experience with marketing, proposal preparation and content strategy for the architecture/engineering/construction industry. She is also a published writer and artist.

Brad has more than 35 years’ experience as a construction administrator. His background includes water / wastewater plant and pipeline construction management and inspection, and he is well versed in federal, state and regional agency standards and documentation requirements.