Haynesville shale

Industry Trends & Technology Applications within Haynesville Shale Region

Haynesville Shale

Nicole Bartoletta with McKim & Creed shares the key takeaways from the 2021 DUG Haynesville Conference.

On May 26, 2021, more than 600 oil & gas professionals gathered in Shreveport, Louisiana to learn about industry trends and technology applications associated with the Haynesville Shale region. Haynesville Shale spans throughout northwest Louisiana into east Texas.

I was one of those professionals at the DUG Haynesville Shale Conference and enjoyed hearing from oil & gas producers, strategic analysts, service providers, technology manufacturers and midstream companies.

Much of the conference focused on the topics of environmental impacts and improvements to current Haynesville operations and market standings. Presentations and discussions also addressed future expectations for the oil & natural gas industry in the Haynesville region compared to the rest of the world.

Big topics right now on the environmental side of the industry are carbon emission reductions and finding alternate energy sources for production facilities. These alternative sources have the potential to reduce emissions and increase efficiencies. Oil & gas producers are rolling out ambitious goals to drastically reduce emissions, many with a goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions within the next decade.

New technologies are constantly being developed in the oil & gas industry, but the ones that created the most buzz at the DUG Haynesville Conference encompassed ways to get more efficiency out of a frac while reducing cost and emissions. There were also many vendors on the floor providing information on their developmental treatment technologies.

Another topic of discussion at the conference was the position of natural gas as a “bridge fuel” during the energy industry’s growing focus on renewables. The world is shifting to the use of renewables as a major energy source, but the industry is still in an adjustment period where the entire demand can’t be met without the use of natural gas. As renewable energy is refined and becomes more efficient and economical, natural gas will continue to act as a reliable energy source as it has been up until this point.

After leaving Shreveport with the many great takeaways offered by the DUG Haynesville conference, McKim & Creed continues to work at being a positive resource to the many professionals who work alongside each other to keep the energy industry a thriving and sustainable production. For more information on our services within the oil & gas market, click here.

By Nicole Bartoletta, McKim & Creed