ion exchange project of year

Ion Exchange Facility Named “Project of Year” in Florida

First-Ever Municipal Application of Technology

March 4, 2016–The City of Bunnell, Florida’s Ion Exchange Water Treatment Plant has been named “Project of the Year” in the “Environment, Under $5 Million” category by the Florida chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).

This project features the first-ever municipal application of the Orica MICo (MIEX© Co-removal) ion exchange process, which removes both organics and hardness with cationic and anionic resins in a common reactor vessel.

The $4.83-million facility was designed, permitted and implemented for approximately half the cost of more conventional technologies. The city secured funding assistance from both federal and state agencies.
This unique facility meets regulatory requirements, produces softer water that prolongs appliance and plumbing fixture life, addresses customer water-quality and water-taste concerns, maximizes the amount of source water for potable use, and is projected to meet the finished water demands of the city through 2030.
The Ion Exchange Water Treatment Plant was placed into service on October 26, 2015. By mid-November, all City of Bunnell customers were fully on line with the new facility. The city celebrated its success at a commemoration event on December 9, 2015, with attendees calling it a “miracle” and describing the water as “the best tasting water ever.”

McKim & Creed served as the engineer of record and assisted with funding applications. TLC Diversified, Inc. was the primary contractor.