Vacuum Truck Exposes Buried Utilities Faster, More Safely

A new Vactor HXX ParaDIGm vacuum excavator allows McKim & Creed subsurface utility engineering (SUE) specialists to locate underground utilities faster and more safely.

“This truck has more power than our other vac trucks, so we can more easily expose utilities to clearly identify sizes and materials,” said Bill Wudte, McKim & Creed regional SUE manager in Florida. “The increased power allows us to dig deeper and expose utilities we may not have been able to reach before.”  The new excavator also provides a quieter blower operation, greater reliability, and a hydraulically assisted boom system for safer and more efficient excavation.

SUE vacuum trucks use air and/or water to safely—and non-destructively—uncover buried utilities.  Once underground pipes and cables are exposed, SUE/survey professionals can verify their existence, condition and exact location. This enables engineers to plan construction projects that minimally impact utilities, and allows contractors to improve productivity and create safer job sites.

McKim & Creed has six vacuum trucks and three vacuum trailers in its fleet. The company provides SUE services throughout the southern US. The newest SUE vehicle is stationed in Florida, and is being used on projects throughout the state.