crabtree water basin

Project Leads to Cleaner, Greener Raleigh

Designed to Alleviate Sanitary Sewer Overflows

“Life is going to be better because there are going to be very few, if any, sanitary sewer overflows,” said City of Raleigh project manager Eileen Navarrete in a recent TV interview on WRAL.

Navarrette was referring to the city’s Crabtree Pipeline project, which is currently under construction and is one of the largest projects the utility department has undertaken.

For the project, McKim & Creed has teamed with Hazen & Sawyer to provide design and construction services in connection with seven miles of 54- through 72-inch diameter gravity interceptor paralleling the existing Crabtree Interceptor, a 24-mgd expansion to the 80-mgd Crabtree Valley raw wastewater lift station with two miles of 42-inch diameter raw sewage force main, and 19,000 LF of 8-inch reclaimed water main.