Types of LiDAR

4 Types of LiDAR Combined for Comprehensive Data

Types of LiDARIn this article, McKim & Creed’s Jason Jernigan, RPLS, explains how we used four types of LiDAR to produce one comprehensive data set for TxDOT. The article was published in the Summer 2020 edition of Scanner, published by the American Society of Highway Engineers.

This $4.1-billion project will ease congestion on one of Texas’ most congested highways. And LiDAR provides accurate measurements while keeping surveyors safe. But on large, complex mobility projects like this, one type of LiDAR may not be enough.

The mapping corridor was 1,400 feet wide. It included 27 single-level interchanges and widened as it crossed three multilevel interchanges. Safety was a major concern. Setting tight survey control points on the interchange connectors would have been dangerous and expensive. McKim & Creed developed a solution that was safe, accurate and economical.

Jason explains the four types of LiDAR employed by McKim & Creed to successfully produce a streamlined, comprehensive deliverable. Click on the image at left to learn more.