Chris Bentz Leads Utility Coordination in Carolinas

Christopher K. Bentz has joined the staff of McKim & Creed. His role is to perform utility coordination in the Carolinas.

Chris has nearly 25 years’ experience with aerial and underground utilities. His experience ranges from installation through outside plant (OSP) engineering telephony planning and design.

Organizing, Implementing & Overseeing Utility Coordination

Effective utility coordination can prevent unnecessary and expensive utility impacts, help keep construction schedules on track, and avoid delays with installations.

As a utility coordinator with McKim & Creed, Chris is responsible for organizing, implementing and overseeing utility coordination activities. Clients include departments of transportation, energy providers, telecommunications companies, municipalities and private businesses in North and South Carolina.

In addition, Chris works with various utility companies—including water, sewer, power, CATV, gas and telecommunication—to:

  • provide relocation plans for transportation and municipal projects,
  • perform OSP design,
  • conduct site field investigations,
  • develop field notes,
  • create maps, and
  • coordinate utility activities on site.

“Chris understands every facet of utility coordination. He began his career installing underground cable and wire. Over the past 24 years, he has built a reputation for excellence in relocation planning, detailed outside plant design, and telecommunications facility design,” said Sean Patterson, CST Level IV, McKim & Creed SUE project manager.

Chris studied at Clarion University in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining McKim & Creed, he worked as an OSP designer and NCDOT coordinator with Telics, a Charlotte-based telecommunication and industrial consulting services corporation.