zld project

ZLD Project Featured in SEDA Newsletter

May 11, 2016–The Spring 2016 issue of Recovery Zone, the newsletter of the Southeast Desalting Association, features an article about the innovative and award-winning zero liquid discharge (ZLD) project for the City of Palm Coast, Florida. Authored by Fred Greiner and Jim Hogan of the City of Palm Coast, the article describes how the project increases with capacity of an existing water treatment plant by approximately 1.2 mgd without the need for developing additional source water supplies.

McKim & Creed was responsible for geotechnical investigations, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) locates, surveying, preliminary design, final design, permitting, programming, and construction phase services for the ZLD project. In 2015 the project was named the David W. York Water Reuse Project of the Year by the Florida Water Environment Association.