influent emergency structure repairs
influent emergency structure repairs

Marshall Street Influent Emergency Structure Repairs

In September 2016, the torrential rains of Tropical Storm Hermine coincided with catastrophic failure of the City’s Marshall Street APCF Influent Pump Station. The below-grade dry pit station along with its electrical and pumping system was rendered inoperable. Within hours, McKim & Creed was on site to help, offering options for the City’s consideration and coordinating a solution.

Due to this catastrophic failure, McKim & Creed was tasked with performing a condition assessment of all equipment located within the existing headworks facility. This included evaluation and replacement of the influent wetwell structure, grit removal, screening, I&C, electrical, pumps, and odor control. This assessment, design and construction had to be completed within 14 months. As part of this project, McKim & Creed also assisted the City with obtaining FEMA funds for these repairs.

The repair option selected included installing a temporary bypass system and rehabilitating the existing pump station. McKim & Creed designed the repairs in the form of a dry pit submersible configuration for a 30 mgd capacity. The rehabilitation included development of updated flow projections and pumping capacity criteria; replacement of damaged extended shaft vertical centrifugal pumps with dry pit mounted submersible pumps; redesign of discharge piping, and existing electrical gear and motor controls; repairs to existing bar screen system; replacement of gates in grit channels and splitter box areas; upgrade of ventilation in dry pit area; and miscellaneous yard piping, conduit and structural repairs.

The temporary bypass system was designed for a peak flow of 30 mgd and included a redundant bypass pumping configuration with a 50,000-gallon tank, temporary bar screen system, and temporary electrical and control systems to operate for the duration of the pump station rehabilitation.

Project Details

Client City of Clearwater
Location Clearwater, FL