Manatee County Water Treatment Plant Biological Treatment Unit

When Manatee County experienced significant taste and odor issues with its potable water system, it responded by implementing a biological treatment unit (BTU) biological filtration system at its water treatment facility.

The County historically had utilized powered activated carbon (PAC) to improve the water. However, the costs for this treatment often exceeded $500,000 annually. To find a more cost-effective, long-term and consistent solution to this drinking water problem, Manatee County selected McKim & Creed to provide engineering design, bidding, permitting and construction phase services for a new BTU for its water treatment plant.

Specific components of the project included construction of six BTUs, a filter backwash pumping system, a filter backwash air scour system, backwash clearwell structure, new filter building for housing new treatment units (including electrical room), installation of new raw water flow meters and modulating valves, instrumentation and control systems, electrical systems, process and yard piping, connections to existing rapid mix basins, a BTU backwash pond, a new on-site lift station, and approximately 13,000 LF of 6-inch forcemain. The BTU control system was integrated with the existing SCADA system, and the existing emergency power system was assimilated into the BTU process. The team also provided surveying and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services.

Electrical design called for upgrades and additions to medium voltage (MV) plant distribution system, along with the addition of MV breakers and 2000kVA transformers, MV feeders to raw water pumping stations, 1500kVa plant process transformers, motor control centers and switchgear. Arcflash and coordination studies were also performed for this project.

Drone technology was used to capture construction of a biological treatment unit at a water treatment plant.

Construction was completed in April 2019.

Project Details

Client Manatee County, FL
Location Bradenton, FL