brine pipeline

Brine Pipeline and Disposal Network

This brine pipeline, pump station and disposal well network transfers up to 165,000 barrels of oil and gas-produced wastewater per day. The pipeline conveys the wastewater from a Louisiana truck terminal to a facility where oil and miscellaneous solids are removed. From there, the water is pumped to a distribution terminal, then on to four saltwater disposal wells in Texas. A controls system helps determine the most effective disposal rate by balancing the acceptance of wastewater at the truck terminal and the disposal of the processed wastewater at the wells.

The pipeline covers 2.35 miles across the state of Louisiana, then passes under the Sabine-Neches River into Texas. The pipeline was installed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). To determine the route, McKim & Creed evaluated the land, assessed environmental concerns, then determined boring locations based on multiple lab tests. McKim & Creed also worked closely with environmental agencies in Texas and Louisiana.
As the program manager, McKim & Creed was responsible for project development, permitting, design, construction and commissioning. The design-build delivery method allowed design and construction modifications to be made quickly in response to agenda changes and unexpected obstacles encountered in the field.

Project Details

Client Produced Water Transfer, LLC
Location Logansport, LA
Categories Oil & Gas