chiller replacement
chiller replacement

Chiller Replacements at Public Schools

McKim & Creed provided engineering services for chiller replacements at three public schools. The project helps maintain the schools’ critical infrastructure and leverage resources. 

The project began with a preliminary test and balance services to obtain temperature and water flows at the chiller plants. From this information, McKim & Creed reviewed connected loads, as well as TAB data on AHU-22, and determined performance issues. We also reviewed chiller sizing options and associated redundancy impacts. Services included review of locations for 3-way valve or bypass locations for minimum chilled water flows, as bypass locations were not near the end of the chilled water system.

The design scope of work included demolishing existing chillers; selecting new chillers (two air-cooled chillers are planned at each school campus); reviewing chiller clearances, piping connections and existing field conditions; coordinating new pipe routing; reviewing pump sizing and pumping systems as necessary to support the new chiller plant; integrating new chillers into the existing direct digital controls (DDC) system; reviewing specifications; designing new chiller support pads; preparing opinion of probable costs; and providing QA/QC of design documents and addressing review comments into final bid documents.

Project Details

Client Duval County Schools
Location Jacksonville, FL