Clayton Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey

McKim & Creed provided engineering services in the completion of a wastewater flow monitoring program (pre and post rehabilitation), RDI/I sources identification, and storm water inflow abatement for the City of Clayton. The project was completed in four separate phases: Phase 1 – Open Channel Flow Monitoring, Phase 2 Storm Water Inflow Source Identification, Phase 3 Storm Water Inflow Source Abatement and Collection System R&R Design. Open channel flow meters were installed at two locations and were monitored for 60 days. The meters were installed on the 24-inch influent pipe at the WRF and the 8-inch influent pipe at the City of Tiger’s primary discharge pump station. An electronic tipping bucket rainfall gauge was installed at the WRF to accurately measure the levels of precipitation during the flow monitoring period. Comprehensive smoke testing was conducted on approximately 140,0000 LF of gravity sewer and dye testing scheduled for all apparent cross connections with the city’s storm drainage system. Storm water inflow abatement included installation of cleanout plugs and Rainstopper manhole inflow reduction devices.

Project Details

Client City of Clayton
Location Clayton, GA
Categories Wet Weather Program