enterprise GIS and asset management

Enterprise GIS and Asset Management Program

From planning and design to data collection to system deployment, the GIS team* helped Capital Region Water (CRW) implement a “best fit solution” for its GIS and asset management program.

Tasks included:

  • Guidance with the evaluation, selection and procurement of the hardware and software platforms
  • System installation, configuration and deployment
  • Base mapping, impervious area mapping coordination and data integration
  • Asset data collection/coordination
  • Asset data migration and integration
  • Continued training and support
  • Coordination and assistance with partners/resources such as the United States Army Corp of Engineers (Baltimore District – Planning Assistance to the States Program [Section 22]) for stormwater inspections and mapping.

Data collection ranged from state-of-the-art technologies like Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) to researching utility maps dating back to the Civil War. The team provided Quality Levels B and A SUE to designate approximately 250 miles of potable water transmission and distribution network. High-precision GNSS/GPS and conventional survey methodologies were then conducted to locate the above-ground assets and correlate demarcations provided by the SUE crews. Additional above-ground assets relating to the sanitary sewer and storm sewer networks were collected, connected and integrated into the GIS as part of this project.

The GIS and asset management solutions provide the vessel to inventory, manage, maintain, analyze and model CRW’s water, stormwater and wastewater systems. In addition, these solutions furnish CRW staff a more effective, efficient and accurate way to perform their roles in operations, maintenance and continued service to their customers.

*GIS services were provided by team members prior to joining McKim & Creed.

Project Details

Client Capital Region Water (formerly The Harrisburg Authority)
Location Harrisburg, PA