GIS Reconfiguration

Exeter Township GIS Reconfiguration, Database Enhancement and Migration

McKim & Creed assisted Exeter Township, Berks County, PA with a GIS reconfiguration, database enhancement and migration project. McKim & Creed evaluate the Township’s current system architecture and workflows to gain an understanding of where their system could be improved.

Based on data discovery and assessment meetings it was discovered that the system was fractured with data redundancy and limited access to shared resources. In addition, the Township had an existing ArcGIS Server instance which was no longer being actively maintained and needed a solution to offload the data being served by the server.  The Township also had an existing ArcGIS Online organization that was being only minimally utilized by a select few individuals.

McKim & Creed documented these deficiencies in an assessment report and provided the Township with an implementation plan to reduce data redundancy, remove the need for an ArcGIS Server instance and promote data storage and sharing practices.

We helped implement the recommended changes by reconfiguring the existing ArcGIS Online Organization to fit the Township’s branding and updating the data/group organization and user management. Changes to some existing database schemas were made to better fit the Township’s needs and enable them to utilize ESRI’s out-of-the-box ArcGIS Solutions.

Following all database changes, the data was published to the Township’s ArcGIS Online Organization and, where applicable, hosted data views were created for use in various maps and applications. Having the data stored in curated, hosted feature layers allows the Township to easily manage its data in one location but utilize it in multiple end products. Additionally, some ArcGIS solutions were deployed to assist the Township with existing workflows.

At the conclusion of the implementation, McKim & Creed provided customized training to key Township staff on how to use ArcGIS Online and ESRI’s mobile applications in relation to their system implementation. We continue to support the Township with technical support, system enhancement requests and additional training.

Project Details

Client Township of Exeter
Location Reading, PA
Categories GIS, State/Local