chilled water
chilled water

FSCJ Infrastructure Upgrades

The Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has been ranked among the top 50 most affordable public, four-year institutions in the country. When FSCJ began experiencing chilled water system issues related to its hydronic distribution system, school officials contracted with McKim & Creed for resolution. The campus has two independent chilled water systems that distribute chilled water to air handling units located in mechanical rooms situated around the campus, as well as one redundant water-cooled datacenter unit. McKim & Creed is providing an onsite review of the existing HVAC chilled water system and developing a schematic design narrative that addresses performance issues.

McKim & Creed also has provided campus air handling unit upgrades for FSCJ, including controls and ventilation improvements as part of the campus COVID strategy.

Project Details

Client Florida State College of Jacksonville
Location Jacksonville, FL
Categories Higher Ed, MEPSFP