geospatial asset management system

Geospatial Asset Management System

This township had an aging workforce and was concerned about losing institutional knowledge regarding infrastructure O&M. Leaders wanted to implement at geospatial asset management system that was 1) within budget, 2) utilize advanced and dynamic technology, and 3) provide high-quality, useful data.

The solution developed by geospatial professionals was to leverage the existing GIS with ArcGIS, a cost-effective platform that provided a short learning curve, easy buy-in and immediate return on investment for the staff.

This set the stage to transition from a paper-based work environment to a digital one. The conversion also provided the information needed by staff to make better decisions about infrastructure repairs, track tasks and provided important site information, such as confined space limitations, to crews.

In conjunction with collecting the day-to-day information needed for future analytics, the new system provided the data required for management to make short-, mid- and long-term capital improvement plans.

*This project was completed by McKim & Creed staff prior to joining McKim & Creed.

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Location Pennsylvania