dredging and volumetric survey

Hugh Leatherman Terminal Dredging and Volumetric Survey

Originally, McKim & Creed was hired to perform a before-dredge (BD) and an after-dredge (AD) multibeam hydrographic survey at the Hugh K. Leatherman Sr. Terminal in Charleston. Deliverables included a map and a volumetric report of each survey.

As the project progressed, the contractor encountered a few obstacles due to the dynamic environment. This resulted in 10 additional progress surveys being performed. Some of the surveys were requested at short notice by the client and McKim & Creed was able to fulfill the tasks with no issues. Each of the surveys included a map presenting the hydrographic survey and a thorough volumetric report created in AutoCAD and compared with Hypack results.

Furthermore, dual-frequency single beam surveys were performed to evaluate the fluff layer that was being formed in the dredging location, as per client’s request.

Project Details

Client Cape Romain Contractors, Inc.
Location Charleston, SC