hurricane florence emergency response
hurricane florence emergency response

Hurricane Florence Emergency Response Services

McKim & Creed provided emergency response services to the City of Boiling Springs Lakes when the city suffered multiple dam failures and water main ruptures caused by Hurricane Florence. Some of the damaged infrastructure was critical to fire protection as well as consumer demands.

In urgent need of assistance, Brunswick County reached out to McKim & Creed to prepare engineering drawings for six areas near Boiling Spring Lakes and the City of Southport. We provided design documents, specifications, details and quantities necessary for contractors to move quickly in the construction process. Our plans were designed to minimize the potential for similar failures in the future.

Most of the emergency response work included horizontal directional drilling, but while the repairs were under way, a contractor accidentally hit the single water main that was furnishing the City of Boiling Spring Lakes’ entire water supply. Once again, the city was without water.

But this time, Brunswick County had engineering drawings in hand and repairs in progress, and the city was able to restore the redundant line later that same afternoon.

“With McKim & Creed’s help, we were able to begin the repair process almost immediately after the storm was over to restore water facilities as quickly as possible.” – John Nichols, Director of Public Utilities, Brunswick County


Project Details

Client Brunswick County
Location Boiling Spring Lakes, NC