Industrial Wastewater and Water Treatment Design-Build

This client required complete reuse of all wastewater and waste products at his new tire manufacturing facility. McKim & Creed utilized the design-build delivery method to plan, design, oversee construction, and commission the domestic water and industrial wastewater treatment systems. The wastewater system process uses modular membrane bioreactors to treat water from several sources, including plant drains, ion-exchange regenerants, condensate, backwash, and rinse water. The system removes both free and emulsified oil and grease, and produces water suitable for reuse in the tire production process, or water for fire protection systems at the facility. In addition, an accompanying sludge-dewatering system provides a solid waste product suitable for by-product recovery or disposal. The water treatment process uses greensand pressure filtration to remove iron, manganese and suspended solids from on-site well water. To the extent possible, both the water and wastewater systems were mounted on skids to reduce field labor and on-site installation and to allow space for future infrastructure that may be required as the facility expands.


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