joint regional water models
joint regional water models

Joint Regional Water Models

As part of a master services on-call agreement with the City of Jacksonville, McKim & Creed was asked to provide professional engineering services for the joint regional water models related to the City of Jacksonville, the Onslow Water & Sewer Authority (ONWASA) and the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (MCBCL).

For this project, McKim & Creed updated and calibrated the individual finished water and raw water models for the city as well as the individual finished water model, and created a raw water model for ONWASA. The MCBCL, under a separate contract, hired their engineering consultant to provide the same services of updating and calibrating the individual models for the MCBCL. After the individual models were completed, McKim & Creed and the MCBCL’s engineering consultant worked together to create one joint regional model for finished water and one joint regional model for raw water, so that each of the regional models also contain the three individual models.

The existing City of Jacksonville models (raw and finished) were developed by McKim & Creed. The finished water model was initially created in 2006 and has since been updated. The raw water model has been continually developed over the last few years.

ONWASA did not have a hydraulic model for their raw water supply system. Therefore, a new model was created using GIS information as a base for the piping network and well locations. The model included detailed information for each well to include pump curves, groundwater levels, pump set elevations, column size and headloss, groundwater draw down data, well house piping headloss, control valve information, and control settings and details regarding the delivery points at each water treatment plant.

Project Details

Client City of Jacksonville
Location Jacksonville, NC
Categories Hydraulic Modeling