water asset management

Leak Detection Services

This initial contract was awarded in 2014 for leak detection services for 211 miles of continuous integration (CI) pipe in the oldest part of the city area. The project was then expanded to add an additional 55.65 miles of pipe.

A total of 50 distribution leaks were confirmed. These leaks totaled a conservative 441.5 gallons per minute or $71,936.00 annually.

Since this initial contract, we have been awarded multiple contract extensions for leak detection services as well as assisting with the integration of a district metered area (DMA) program where we currently monitor and maintain a comprehensive monitoring system for the entire service area. That program includes, but is not limited to, weekly data review sessions that drive our leak detection efforts on their behalf.

Our contracts with KUB continue through this day, where we not only monitor their system but perform hundreds of miles of leak detection each year in areas identified as high loss through their DMA system.  The most recent project awarded for leak detection services is to conduct roughly 400 miles yearly under a 5-year contract.

*This project was completed by Matchpoint prior to acquisition by McKim & Creed in 2020.

Project Details

Client Knoxville Utilities Board
Location Knoxville, TN