water asset management

Leak Detection Services in District Metered Areas

This contract was originally awarded 2016 for leak detection equipment training. Over the years, services have expanded to include establishing district metered areas (DMAs) across HPUD’s system, to perform leak detection services including drop- and step-testing within their system, and to install GeoEvent software.

Most recently, we were contracted by HPUD to perform leak detection services across two of their large DMAs. This project was completed in January of 2020 and confirmed 29 distribution leaks as well 23 suspected customer leaks. Of these leaks, 86 percent of the 54 leaks were non-visible leaks. These leaks totaled a conservative 72.1 gallons per minute or 37,895,760 annually.

*This project was completed by Matchpoint prior to acquisition by McKim & Creed in 2020.

Project Details

Client Hallsdale-Powell Utility District
Location Knoxville, TN