water intake system

Long Ridge Energy Generation (LREG) Water Intake System Replacement

Under a subcontract to Kiewit, McKim & Creed furnished engineering and construction support services to renovate and install new equipment and conveyance for a water intake system for the Hannibal Port Power Station. The project involved the design and specifications for new intake pumps, electrical equipment, support platforms and walkways, conveyance piping and other appurtenances to complete the system. The pumps are capable of withdrawing and conveying 3,000 gpm of water from the Ohio River to a designated tie-point for use in cooling the new power plant. A new pipe bridge and walkway spans over 112 feet from shore to the pump strainer building without intermediate supports in the river.

In addition to providing the design for the system and structures, McKim & Creed applied for and received U.S. Army Corps approval for construction activities within the navigable waterway.

Project Details

Client Reynolds Construction
Location Clarington, OH
Categories Power