remove produced water
remove produced water
remove produced water
remove produced water

Midstream Pipeline to Remove Produced Water

A shale operation in South Texas needed to remove produced water from a number of collection facilities tied to numerous drilling locations. This was complicated by the fact that the water had to travel 18 miles through numerous ranches, hunting leases, county
roads and across the San Antonio River and Ecleto Creek, so that produced water could be disposed into a disposal well in a safe, efficient and economic fashion.

The 18-mile pipeline was installed using open-cut and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methods along a route that was carefully selected to reduce environmental impacts.

McKim & Creed worked closely with local agencies throughout the permitting process. This turnkey project included engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operation support; reduces truck traffic on local roads; and provides a much safer
method of transporting produced water. In addition, the produced water pipeline is tied directly into the customer’s collection facilities, which allows for 24/7 operation of the system.

Project Details

Client Pilot Water Solutions
Location Karnes City, TX
Categories Design-Build, Oil & Gas