comprehensive enterprise geodatabase

Penn State Comprehensive Enterprise Geodatabase Configuration

McKim & Creed helped Penn State staff configure a comprehensive enterprise geodatabase to collect and integrate highly accurate spatial information of utility networks on three campuses, including water, sanitary sewer, stormwater, gas, electric, steam, fiber/communications, irrigation, etc. Once the database was complete, McKim & Creed provided subsurface utility engineering (SUE), Level B and Level A, was performed to designate each of the utilities within the campus’s boundary.

High-precision GNSS/GPS and conventional survey methodologies were then performed to locate the above-ground assets and correlating demarcations provided by the SUE crews.

Office staff compiled the information gathered in the field via survey methodologies and ArcGIS Online mobile technologies to perform a final step of QA/ QC and process the final utility networks for delivery to PSU for integration into their Enterprise GIS. To date, McKim & Creed has supported the efforts in correlation to PSU’s Abington, Altoona, Erie (Behren), and New Kensington Pennsylvania campuses.


Project Details

Client Penn State University
Location State College, PA
Categories GIS, Higher Ed , SUE