Phase 1 Water System Hydraulic Model

McKim & Creed developed a complete Water System Hydraulic Model of the County’s potable water system. The pipe network and system configuration was developed using existing GIS mapping of the water system and was augmented by updating the transmission systems that had been added or modified since the GIS mapping was last updated. All pumping stations and storage components were detailed in the hydraulic model to allow extended period simulation of the water system under different supply and demand scenarios.

McKim & Creed utilized the hydraulic model to aid the County in understanding impacts to the water system resulting from implementing various water supply sources. McKim & Creed also utilized the hydraulic model to address numerous operational issues identified by the County related to disinfection effectiveness. We developed specific graphical tools to aid in evaluating water quality aspects of water distribution systems. Recommendations were prepared to outline improvements to system operation and system configuration to provide optimal delivery of water to meet current and future demands, as well as to address the water quality issues analyzed using extended period simulations and graphical illustrations.

Project Details

Client Sarasota County
Location Sarasota, FL
Categories Hydraulic Modeling