water recycling system
water recycling system
water recycling system

Philip Morris (PMUSA) Manufacturing Facility Water Recycling System

The Philip Morris Reuse Plant is a water recycling system designed to produce 650,000 gallons per day of reclaimed water. This facility is located on a demolished coal boiler site and creates reuse water for use in cooling towers and the chilled water system.

The treatment processes employed at the Philip Morris plant are state of the art. The facility consists of a rotary drum screen designed to remove large solid material before processing the wastewater through an activated sludge process. This process removes not only biological material, but also nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients. Hollow fiber membrane technology is used to remove solids from the wastewater and block many pathogens. To remove dissolved solids from the reclaimed water stream, a reverse osmosis (RO) system is used on a side stream of the membrane effluent. Finally, chlorine is added to ensure a safe reclaimed water product.

The design of the facility will allow for future of expansion of reclaimed water distribution to other non-potable users, or for irrigation. The reuse plant not only provides a sustainable, reliable, consistent quality of water but also furnishes a significant cost savings relative to purchasing water from the City and discharging it to the municipality.

Project Details

Client Reeves Young
Location Richmond, VA