produced water treatment plant

Produced Water Treatment Plant

This produced water treatment plant design is based on treating the produced water generated by the operations located in Wyoming through extensive pilot development work performed on site. The unique pretreatment system has been tested and designed to minimize any required chemical addition for ease of operations and reduced operating costs.

The front end engineering and design (FEED) was established around treating a capacity of 10,000 barrel/day of produced water. The process starts with hydrocarbon removal and the oxidation of dissolved iron to ease the treatment downstream and minimize fouling effects of the produced water. The water is then processed through a high rate solids clarification step for removal of total suspended solids (TSS) and any free oil and grease.

The water is further treated for the reduction of biological activity through the introduction of ozone and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation to control bio-growth in the system. Finally, the water is filtered through an ultrafiltration to complete the
pretreatment system.

The next treatment step that was designed into the system is the electro desalination reversal (EDR) process for the low-cost reduction of dissolved solids. The EDR system is a tunable selective ion reduction step using electricity to pull ions out of the water at a high recovery and low operating cost. This step-staged treatment process operates at low energy input and low pressure, providing a desalinated water suitable for surface discharge at less than 250 mg/l and ~90% recovery.

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