reuse pump station and storage tank
reuse pump station and storage tank

Reuse Water System, Storage Tank and Pump Station

McKim & Creed provided engineering services for the City of Daytona Beach’s Mason Avenue reuse pump station and storage tank. This project helps provide reclaimed water to the rapidly growing northwest area of the city. The need for the project was identified in the City’s Reuse Water Master Plan, for which McKim & Creed furnished design services.

The pump station provides maximum flexibility to fill the 2.5-MG storage tank and distribute reuse water through a 20-inch diameter reuse pipeline. McKim & Creed furnished final design, permitting and construction cost estimating .

McKim & Creed originally provided planning and design services for the reuse pump station and storage tank in 2008. Funding issues caused the project to be put on hold. In 2016 the City learned that money was available through funding reallocations at state agencies. The 2008 design, unfortunately, no longer met system needs or current city and state standards.

McKim & Creed redesigned the project to meet all new standards and regulations and meet construction deadline required by the grant. Our team developed an aggressive project management plan to accomplish this task, working backwards from the grant deadline. McKim & Creed successfully met the design window of 130 days (four months). This included all permitting. We delivered the project on schedule before the grant deadline expired and met all project requirements.

Project Details

Client City of Daytona Beach
Location Daytona Beach, FL